Research shows that only 27% of those who graduate from college in the United States end up in a career related to their field of study. For most of us, our vocation is formed over time rather than found suddenly. This discovery process takes time and is based on hearing, discerning, and obeying the voice of God as we go out into the world and do something.

Learning to live out your passion is something much deeper. William Burnett, author of Designing Your Life writes, “For most people, passion comes after they try something, discover they like it, and develop mastery – not before. To put it more succinctly: passion is the result of a good life design, not the cause.”

So, passion may come later, but you are uniquely designed with a purpose (no one else is like you) and discovering your purpose (that could lead to a passion) is the adventure you’re on.

There are three phases in discovering your purpose.

First is becoming aware of your own strengths and giftings.

Second is intentionally developing those skills and abilities.

Third is generously sharing your strengths for the blessing of others.

One way to increase awareness is to prototype your way forward. This gives God and you something to work with. You may learn you love writing code, social media marketing, sales (whatever you are doing right now) and you may learn that you hate it. But now you know. Celebrate that, keep trying different things, don’t let failure discourage you, and see where God leads.

Take comfort in the reality that God is working in real time through a dynamic process that also includes other people. Having a group of peers or even a coach walk alongside you throughout this discernment process can be a catalyst in helping you make wise decisions.

Leadership Development Groups

Discover your place and purpose by starting a Leadership Development Group (LDG) in your city. LDG’s are groups you create with people from your church, community or workplace where you can be intentional in learning more about what God’s cares about, what you care about, and how to put those things together to engage the needs of the city in all areas of your life.

This 11 session curriculum is designed to cultivate personal thriving toward the common good of the city and covers the topics of identity, unity, vocation, spiritual formation, stewardship, evangelism and work/life balance.

Do you need a coach?

Cru’s City ministry offers two free coaching consultations for 20-somethings with certified coaches in both The Coach Model and the Enneagram.