Embracing a new chapter in God's story




Reflections on Integrating Faith & Work

Through God, our work has so much more meaning and purpose! Our work is used redemptively in our lives and the lives of others. Click here to read the full reflection from Walter's Talk. You will also find a list of resources from Walter to equip you as you navigate Racial Injustice.

Practicing the Presence of God at Work

Dr. Strickland shared about putting our vocation under the Lordship of Christ. This article, "5 Ways to Practice the Presence of God at Work," will give you some practical tips for how to pursue God and be a light in the workplace.

How to be Missional in the Workplace

Can you relate to the challenge of wondering how what you hear on Sunday relates to how you live on Monday? You are not alone. We invite you to watch two 1-minute testimonies from young professionals about how they have integrated their faith at work. We've also included an article entitled, "30 Simple Ways to be Missional in the Workplace."

Join Rasool in Argentinea

In a country where democracy is young, freedom is not taken for granted. Neither is community and solidarity ... or great food. Travel with Rasool throughout Argentina as he joins the tables of new friends to discuss life and liberty. We invite you to watch another video from the In Pursuit of Jesus collection with Rasool Berry.

Artist Spotlight: Karen Purpero

Listen to Karen's interpretation of these amazing classical pieces. Spend time focusing on the sounds. What about the connects with you? Ask God to use this contemplation and music to heal areas, bring confidence where needed, and conclude in an experience of His love for you.

Walter R. Strickland II

Faith & Work

Born in Chicago and raised in Southern California, Walter’s passion is to equip people to flourish in their context from a deep commitment to God’s design. Dr. Walter Strickland serves as Associate VP for Kingdom Diversity Initiatives & Assistant Professor of Systematic and Contextual Theology and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. Walter has co-authored a number of books including Every Waking Hour: An Introduction to Work and Vocation for Christians, Removing the Stain of Racism, and The Mission: Making Disciples.