Community Partnerships

Have you ever looked around and sensed a nudge to address a need in your community?

Maybe you wondered what Jesus would do about immigrants, or displaced families seeking asylum? Or ways to support teachers, young professionals entering the workplace for the first time, or families?

Your local church is your first place to look for others with the same concern.  Still not sure what steps to take?  We can help coach you or offer resources to help you.

Here are 10 video courses offered free through

We can help with the next step toward bringing changes God wants to see.

      • Talk to as many people as you can about what’s on your heart. Start with your small group or church networks.  Pray together and ask God for guidance.

      • Connect with us.  We care about what you care about and God has placed us as an equipper and coach to people reaching cities.

    Stories of Partnerships

    Examples of partnership

    Here are five examples of Community Partnerships that we have seen make a difference in people’s lives.

        • Orlando City Team – We are located in Orlando, but through our website, we help equip believers to reflect Jesus for the good of their city. 

        • CityPath – We care for young adults during their transition to the world of work through contextualized mentorship & equipment.

        • Living and Telling are here to help you overcome the challenges of understanding how to make disciples in today’s culture in order to share Jesus as a way of life with your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.