Living out the Great Commandment and Great Commission with Immigrants, Internationals and Refugees

No matter what brings someone to the United States, their stories and needs are unique.

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

-Matthew 25:35

Immigrants, internationals, and refugees are our neighbors. They may be refugees who have experienced significant trauma in their journey to our country. Others have immigrated to join family members or to find a safer and a more economically viable life. Some are here working in international business. 

Did you know that one in seven US residents is foreign-born? This number doesn’t even include the children of immigrants, internationals, and refugees who reside here. The US has a larger immigrant population than any other country and it comprises 14.4% of our population. Many come from countries closed to the gospel and yet, here in the US we have freedom to reach them. They are contributing to a revitalization of the church in America.

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“Finding Home Again: A Path for Refugees, Immigrants, Resettled Families, and Those Who Help Them” extends healing to weary resettled families. You can guide these free, eight-lesson discussions for groups, families, and individuals—where they process critical topics like loss, past pain, and thriving in a baffling new normal. What amazing opportunities we have to reflect Jesus for the good of the city among America’s international communities!  Link to Finding Home Again Content
 What amazing opportunities we have to reflect Jesus for the good of the city among America’s international communities!

IIR is currently active in 13 US cities. Our specific ministries are as unique as the people involved.

Some of the ways we help are: 

  • Training volunteers in culturally effective ministry. 
  • Mobilizing communities to engage with their new neighbors.
  • Facilitating groups on topics such as trauma, family life and English conversation. 
  • Helping newly arrived families through the transition to the US and meeting basic needs. 
  • Simply being a friend.

How can IIR come alongside you as you love your immigrant, international and refugee neighbors?

IIR can help to:

  • Equip you in culturally effective ministry.
  • Connect you to resources and partnerships.
  • Network with you to mobilize your community to engage your new neighbors.
  • Check out this 10 lesson web based video course offered free from everyinternational.com.
  •  everyinternational.com

A tool you can use to serve Immigrants and Refugees in your community

Finding Home Again

Read about God's Heart for the Immigrant, International and Refugee.

Learn More

Welcoming the Stranger

 You are invited to be the hands and feet of Jesus as you love your immigrant, international, and refugee neighbors.