Global Initiatives

Helping people find their place in God’s global story

Consider how global involvement accelerates discipleship.

How do we best take the love of Jesus to the world today?

The gospel has advanced around the world, and the world has changed. Where we once arrived as missionaries to bring the gospel, we now arrive to find thriving local churches. While having a global impact once required moving to a community for many years, short trips and digital connections allow for impact without relocation. As we think of global missions today, we have to wonder–how can we leverage the presence of growing national churches around a shrinking world as we seek to get the love of Jesus to more and more people in more and more places?

Relationship. We go to learn from and serve those we are growing a relationship with on the other end of the plane ride or video call. Humility. We go humbly in order to develop genuine relationships–ones where we give and receive, bless and are blessed. Service. We go to serve the established national church–or to help establish a national church–in countries we go to.

How can City Global come alongside as you take the love of Jesus to the world?

City Global is prepared to journey with you in three ways: Helping you prepare to engage globally, helping you develop relationships globally, or helping you go as a missionary.

Prepare to engage globally.

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Develop relationships globally.

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Go as
a missionary.

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