God is accomplishing His global mission. The world has changed.
How should missions shift?

God is accomplishing His global mission. We know this because over the last century, Christians in Africa have gone from 9 million to almost 700 million. We know this because the percentage of global Christians in the Majority World has risen from 30% to 70% over the last century. We know this because former mission fields are now powerful missionary forces. 


The world has changed. Doors closing to Westerners are opening to those from the Majority World. In some places, globalization is yielding to nationalism. There is growing concern in the West about possible negative impacts of our going on those we go to. The pandemic has drastically altered travel and virtual engagement.

God is accomplishing His global mission. The world has changed. So how should missions shift? What is the US church’s best contribution now?

Mission Shift Season 1

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Explore the changing face of global missions

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Meet the Season 1 Hosts & Guests

Carita Chen | USA / host

Carita Chen serves on the Cru City Global team and has been on staff with the ministry of Cru for 27 years. In that time, she and her husband spent 3 years in East Asia training some of the first national staff in that country. They later returned to the States to help start and lead the Asian American ministry of Cru called Epic mobilizing laborers to Asia. Her deep love for connecting with people has led her to also become a certified Enneagram coach. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart, Dennis, and together they love spending time with their much prayed for son, Jacob. You can learn more about her family’s adoption story here.

Josh Irby | USA / host

Josh Irby is Cru City Global’s Partnership Director for Europe. He has spent 13 of his 23 years of ministry in the Balkans, first in Croatia and then most recently in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina for 11 years. He holds a MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary and is the co-author of the book Cross on a Hill: A Personal, Historical, and Biblical Search for the True Meaning of a Controversial Symbol. He loves traveling the world with his wife, Taylor, and their five third-culture kids. Read more from Josh here.

Adegbite Olanihum | Nigeria

Adegbite Olanihun is a follower of Jesus Christ with over two decades in missionary service. He has been involved in missions mobilization, research, teaching/training, disciple-making and missions administration after working on a cross-cultural mission field. He is a Network Catalyst and Missions Consultant. He is passionate about followers of Jesus Christ living in daily obedience to the Word of God, reaching the  nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ until Christ is worshiped by the nations. He currently serves as the Head of Finance and Administration at the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA) (www.nemanigeriamissions.org), a missions network association of over 150 missions organizations and missional churches with over 15,000 Nigerian missionaries scattered all over the world. Adegbite is married with children. You can also read his posts at ancientword.org.

Adrian de Visser | Sri Lanka

Pastor Adrian is the Vice President for Partnership Development at Asian Access, and founder of a missionary church planting movement in Sri Lanka–which now has a presence in several other Asian countries. Pastor Adrian is an advocate for partnership and mutuality between those in the West and in the Majority World.

Carlos Abarca | Costa Rica

Carlos is the Director of the Costa Rican Missionary Federation (“FEDEMEC”), which mobilizes, sends, supports, and cares for missionaries from Costa Rica currently serving on five continents. Previously, Carlos served in several countries in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

Cas Monaco | USA

Cas is the Vice President of Missiology and Gospel Engagement for Family Life. Cas has a Ph.D. in North American and Applied Theology from SEBTS. Cas’ decades of ministry experience in the US and abroad stems from–and fuels–her passion to share the Good News of God’s kingdom. Connect with Cas and discover her work at her website, here.

David & Susan Rice | USA/England

David & Susan have served as missionaries with Cru both in the US and in Europe for several decades. From Europe, David led a movement to start campus ministries in locations all around the world. They currently live in Liverpool, England, where they serve and contribute to the efforts of immigrant churches to raise up laborers to take the gospel back to their home country.

Dela Adadevoh | Ghana

Professor Adadevoh currently serves as the Vice President of Global Leadership for Cru. Previously, he served in a variety of national-level and regional-level positions with Cru throughout Africa and the Middle East, he has overseen global ministries that are part of the Cru family, and now leads in the area of Leadership Development for the entire global organization. Dela has authored several books, including Leading Transformation in Africa, Transforming Africa Inside-out, and Empowering Leadership.

Greg Huguley | USA

Greg is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Elgin, IL. Greg has seen both his own life and his church be deeply impacted and blessed by their partnership in Ghana with Two Pennies Ministries.

Jake Abraham | India/USA

Jake is the Executive Director of City, an adult-discipleship ministry of Cru. Born in India, Jake has also lived in the Philippines, Australia, and the US.

Jeff Reams | USA

Jeff is the Missions Pastor at Dunwoody Baptist Church in Dunwoody, GA. Jeff works to see his congregation involved in global missions in ways that reflect the new era of missions–both through formal missions opportunities and organic participation and partnership.

Lazarus Phiri | Zambia

Dr. Phiri is the Vice Chancellor of Evangelical University in Zambia, Missiologist-at-Large with Pioneers,  and frequent contributor for Missio Nexus. Through these roles, Dr. Phiri both prepares Zambian’s to participate in the global mission force, and invites the Western church to partner well with the Majority World church.

Marek Wyrzykowski | Poland

Marek is a member of the Agape Europe Regional Team, Cru’s European ministry consisting of 40+ national movements engaging students, families, leaders, and those in need. Marek is passionate about helping people develop to the full potential of who God made them to be. In his career he has served as the national leader of Poland and Area leader of Eastern Europe.

Ron & Star Nelson | USA

Ron & Star Nelson are the founders and directors of Sowing Seeds of Joy, which exists to be a bridge to the nations for Black, African American, and People of Color communities through cross-cultural missions training, discipleship, and spiritual formation for the work of advancing God’s Kingdom.