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Risky Faith: Taking the Gospel to Your Family

Pastor Matt DeCola talks about the risks and challenges involved in sharing Christ with your family, and offers 7 helpful principles in moving toward family members with the gospel.

Does Jesus Appear in Dreams?

How do you respond to someone who tells you that Jesus literally appeared to them?

Free film tools for Global Outreach Day

During Global Outreach Day you will be looking for the right person to share your story with, so you can introduce God’s story.

Is money the key to heaven?

Amy Lee always assumed that rich people were more likely to go to heaven. When she learned the truth, it changed her life.

Science and Faith: Do They Conflict?

Are science and faith mutually exclusive? Must all scientists be atheists? Or can science and evidence partner with faith, belief and God?

Spiritual Spaghetti

God’s recipes for life are best.

Serving with Bold Faith in the Military

A lieutenant in Mongolia tells us how he reaches out to his regiment.

Is Your Faith Stuck in the Past?

Living in the present with God.

How My Grandparents Taught Me to Love by Faith

Who has inspired you to love by faith? How has it changed your life? I learned three key things from my grandparents who were able to love by faith wherever they lived.

How to Love by Faith as a Biracial Person

There is a large divide between what people from ethnic minority cultures in this country experience and what people from the majority culture experience. This divide also exists in the church.

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