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Falling Plates Went Viral in My Family

"I had no idea that a simple evangelistic film would be shared with so many family members."

How Not to Kill a Spiritual Conversation

Avoid conversation pitfalls when talking to others about God.

Finding Common Ground

Practical principles from Cru's founder Dr. Bill Bright for spreading the profound truth about how to begin a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Sharing your testimony is one of the best ways to find common ground with a non-believer. Your testimony is simply the story of what Christ has done in your life.

Faith Steps: What Are You Afraid Of?

A South African amusement park intern confronts her fears about evangelism and learns how she can overcome them.

How To Start a Spiritual Conversation with One Word

The Words Project helps foster spiritual conversations with ease.

Your Story is God’s Story: Creating Your Testimony

Take a few minutes now, working through these questions, and be ready for the next open door God gives you to tell about your spiritual journey.

Faith Steps: 8 Tips to Talking About Jesus

A South African amusement park intern learns 8 keys to evangelism.

Faith Steps: 4 Motivators to Share Your Faith

A South African amusement park intern discovers 4 reasons why we should evangelize.

Getting to the Heart of What Matters in Evangelism

A simple tool can change a Gospel conversation from hurtful to helpful, by making a heart connection.

5 Ways To Be a Better Witness for Christ

Simple ways to introduce more people to Christ.

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