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The Coronavirus: How God Can Comfort You in the Midst of Uncertainty

When life feels out of control and anxiety seems to overwhelm you, where do you find your hope, peace, joy and stability?

Hope for the Road Marked With Suffering

What are we to do with the wreckage that tragedy leaves in its wake? There is hope to be found. Whether you are the one experiencing loss or are close to someone who is, join us for this 10-day devotional.

How My Husband's Death Changed the Way I See Easter

"But the terrible tragedy of death is the permanence. And no matter how many different ways you try to fix the problem, there is no solution."

Growing your faith

When the World Feels Unsafe

What do you do when tragedy reminds you of the fragile state of this world?

Robyn Stauffer Skur

COVID-19: Join Us in Seeking the Lord

A short video from Cru Vice President Steve Sellers offering encouragement and a call to seek the Lord together during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19.

4 Practical Things to Do Instead of Worrying

We cross the line into worry when we start to dwell on the things we can't control. So how do we stop? And how do we prevent it?

Becky Thomton

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