How Far is Too Far When You’re Dating?

Discussion Guide

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We hope this guide will help you discuss the material with a friend. Your conversation will be more rewarding if you take some time to read through the article and this guide before you meet.

Getting Started

  1. If you’re comfortable doing so, invite God to be part of your conversation.
  2. Discuss what stood out to you from the article.
  3. Talk about anything from the article that you have questions about or don’t understand.

Key Points From Article #8

  • The boundary lines you draw when you first begin dating someone will leave lasting marks on that relationship.

    • Do you have experience drawing physical boundaries in a dating relationship?
    • What was the process of drawing those boundaries like for you?
    • If you have never done that, how do you think you would begin the conversation?
  • Temptations don’t suddenly stop on your wedding day. So if you can both control your sexual desire while dating, you’ll be more confident about resisting temptations when you’re married.

    • How does self-control with one another while dating build trust in a relationship?

  • Boundaries exist to demonstrate how much you care about God, yourself and others. They are there to express your values, not just restrict your sexuality.

    • What do your current boundaries say about what you value?

Next Steps — Read through these together.

  • Share some things with your discussion partner that trigger arousal for you in your dating relationship.
  • Take some time to plan what boundary lines you want to draw in your physical relationship with your boyfriend, and write those down. Your boyfriend may not have the same ideas about boundaries, but you can share yours with him and agree on a physical relationship that respects your values.
  • Share the plan with your discussion partner and schedule a time to talk through your boundaries with your boyfriend.
  • Mark a date on your calendar to discuss another article from the Desire series.

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