Want to Start a Ministry on Your Campus?

What's On Your Heart?

Want to Start a Ministry on Your Campus - What's on Your Heart

Do you desire for others to have a personal relationship with God?

Do you desire to help followers of Jesus grow in their faith and reach others with the Gospel?

Do you desire to make a difference for God with your whole life?

If so, God has put these desires on your heart.

Who is God giving you a heart to reach?

Maybe it’s people right around you in your residence hall, major, or friend group. He could also be leading you to a new place. Maybe it’s a campus you don’t attend, an ethnic group different from your own, or a segment of campus you are not part of.

When you think about these people who don’t know Christ, what are your desires for them? What are God’s desires for them?

God can work through you to bring the truth of Jesus to those who don’t yet know Him. You don’t need a spiritual degree or an official title. All you need is a willing heart that loves and trusts God as He invites you into His eternal work. God wants to use you!

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