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Stacie Fletcher

The Christian faith is not meant to be lived alone. And most people don’t grow spiritually - or in any other area of life - on their own. Imagine if you could build a foundation to walk closely with God for the rest of your life. If you had the tools, knowledge and guidance to apply the truths of the Bible to thrive in your relationship with God. And then to help others thrive.


The 4 Week Digital Discipleship Adventure

This course is designed for people who are SERIOUS about wanting to grow in their relationship with God. You will spend about 15 minutes a day reading principles from the Bible, answering questions, reflecting and/or taking small action steps. You will have a real person to coach you along the way and go through the adventure with others who also really want to grow in their faith. 

What am I signing up for?

  1. Do the daily content on a mobile app for ALL FOUR WEEKS. It will take you about 15 minutes a day. Share your thoughts and answers with your group or your coach for maximum connection or keep them private when you need to.
  2. Connect with your coach by chat.
  3. Connect with your group or individuals in your group by chat.
  4. Join in on a weekly group video discipleship time, where you can ask questions, share insights and hear from each other and your coach.

We will begin this Sunday, March 24th at 7pm EST. All the content and chat connections are on a mobile app you will download. The video calls will be via Google Hangouts. We will close this group as soon as all spots are claimed or on Sunday. Grab your spot now by downloading the app and signing up.

Instructions: You will begin by following the link below to download the My Cru app and create an account. Then follow the all of the instructions in the program called Welcome to the Digital Discipleship Adventure. This includes going through a program to help orient you to the course and the app. So set aside 15-20 minutes before Sunday to go through that. Happy Adventuring!


About the Author: Stacie Fletcher is passionate about helping people grow in their faith and finding freedom in Christ. She has been on staff with Cru since graduating college in 2001 and works at Cru’s world headquarters. She loves gymnastics, good coffee and almost anything outdoors.

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