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Ready for every conversation.

Talking about your faith can feel complicated or even intimidating. GodTools was designed by Cru, with the benefit of lessons learned from thousands of real conversations.

The GodTools app guides you before, during and after a conversation. As a result your confidence increases and you feel ready for every conversation.



Choose from a wide selection of tools that offer you different ways to have conversations. We designed these tools for you, and people like you have tested them.




Learn biblical principles and practical ideas that open doors to more meaningful conversations.


Choose a tool in the language of the person you’re talking with.



Have a gospel conversation at a distance by sharing what’s on your screen with the other person.


Join more than 1 million people who have downloaded the GodTools app.



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What people say about GodTools

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“I’ve known what the gospel message is, and have had the desire to share it with others. But I was always stopped by my fear of not saying everything correctly, not knowing what to ask or how to invite someone to accept Jesus. GodTools has all of that.”
– Ben, California, USA

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