Bill Bright

The following questions will help you review this Step. If necessary, reread the appropriate lesson (s).

Now that we have gone through the Old Testament at a rapid pace, you have some idea of what it contains and what it teaches. Imagine yourself a Jew, possessing only the Old Testament.

Can you find God's plan for man in it? Write your conclusions here in your own words.

Why did Jesus of Nazareth have to come?


How is Jesus pictured in the Old Testament through the following: Abraham; Joshua; David; The Tabernacle?

List some examples of how the High Priest worked in the Old Testament. (Exodus 25-27)


How is Jesus our High Priest? (Hebrews 10:10)


Life Application

How did your study of the Old Testament help you understand the New Testament better?

Using Hebrews 10:10-18, describe the differences between Law and Grace. How does this affect the way you related to God?


Using the diagram of the Tabernacle in Lesson 8, list the ways you can draw nearer to God. Which is the most significant for you to do today?

Right now, thank God for His great sacrifice through Jesus Christ.





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