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The following questions will help you review this Step. If necessary, reread the appropriate lessons from your saved notes.

Assurance of Salvation: Suppose you just made the great discovery of knowing Jesus Christ personally. In your enthusiasm, you tell someone close to you that you have become a Christian and have eternal life. He replies, "That's mere presumption on your part. No one can be sure that he has eternal life."

How would you answer him?

What verses would you use as your authority?

How can a Christian be restored to fellowship after he has sinned? What scripture reference is your authority?

Name some of the qualities of a Christ-controlled life. How are they evident in your life?

List the five principles of growth and summarize how each of these principles are helping you grow spiritually. How do they interact in your life?


Describe the role the the Bible has played in your life in the past week. How can you more fully rely on its power next week?


What are the three major steps in methodical Bible study? How have these helped your study?

List three ways scripture can be applied to your life.


How has using the steps to an effective prayer life changed the way you pray?

How has having a daily prayer time helped your attitudes and actions?

Name some characteristics of a New Testament church. How does your church compare?


Life Application

In what specific ways is your life different now than when you began this study about the Christian adventure?


In what areas do you need to obey the scripture more?

Explain to several Christian friends the excitement you feel about Jesus and how your Christian life is an adventure. Use examples of how God has worked in your life and how He has answered your prayers.



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