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Gifts for Grads

Sadee Van Ruler

Whether through your church or your neighborhood, here are a few gifts for you to consider for the grads you know.

ConGRADulations! CD-DVD Gift Book

ConGRADulations! is a graduation package distributed by interlinc, a partner of Cru.

The gift set includes a music CD, a media DVD with artist and fellow grad video greetings, books, an online Bible and a ministry resource web site.

Order ConGRADulations! today.

College Life 101 DVD Pack

George Barna reports that 70% of high school grads walk away from their faith.

Ben Burns, a 20-year Cru staff member and director of the College Prep Seminars ministry, has developed materials that help high school seniors understand the moral and spiritual challenges of college life, and cast a vision of how God can use them to build movements on their campus.

College Life 101 is a six-session DVD small group study designed to help adult leaders of college-bound high school students prepare their students for spiritual success in college. This series is ideal for small group leaders, youth pastors, Christian high school faculty and home educators. The first session clearly lays out the four challenges of the college experience. The remaining five sessions address those challenges and help students to own, live and share their faith on campus.

Order College Life 101 today.

Freshman Survival Kits

Each year, thousands of Freshman Survival Kits are passed out on college campuses across the United States. The kits are produced by Cru and are evangelistic for students who do not yet have a personal faith, but are also encouraging for young believers.

Give an FSK to students before they arrive on campus. The kits include a highlighter, sticker, water bottle, Bible, book (either Jesus Without Religion, Case for Christ, or Blue Like Jazz) and Uncensored DVD. They are packaged in a laundry bag.

The kits are customizable for African Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, international students, cadets and midshipmen.

They cost $7 including shipping and handling (cash or check accepted).

Email Jane Stump to place your order, including your shipping address and quantity of kits.

Or, make your own unique Freshman Survival Kit by creating your own college care package for graduates.

Buy some college essentials (CD, Bible, book, laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, etc) and put them together in a mesh laundry bag.

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