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Share Your Story


You have a powerful story to share. God is writing it, and God will use it (and you!) in the lives of lots of people, if you let Him.

So… what is your story?

Think about your story in terms of three key words or phrases.

  1. What descriptive word or phrase summarizes your life before you met Christ?
    i.e. “lonely," "searching for significance," "atheist," "clueless," and "empty".

  2. What word or phrase describes how you came to know Christ?
    i.e. "a friend", "surprise encounter", "solid reasons" and "a probing question".

  3. Now, what word or phrase describes your life today, after coming to know Christ?
    i.e. "purpose," "deep satisfaction," "amazing love," and "forgiven".

Next, take each of those words or phrases and create a one or two sentence explanation. Keep it short, but add some color and context to the description. After you have written it, look back over it and make sure it is clear why you trusted Christ.

Here are some examples:

  • "I was lonely, looking for meaning, relationships, something or someone. Then God brought a friend into my life who ultimately introduced me to Jesus. And now I have a new purpose, because now I’m a child of God." 
  • "I was searching for significance through sports and other activities. I experienced a surprise encounter when a couple of coaches and fellow athletes introduced me to a personal relationship with Jesus. As I began to trust Jesus with my life, I discovered the deep satisfaction that I had always been searching for."    
  • "I was an atheist, looking for a philosophy that would always work in my life. Then I met a friend who was smart, talked about God, and ultimately gave me solid reasons to believe in God. When I asked Jesus into my life, I found His approach to life made sense, and was amazed to see His love for me."

Challenge: The more you tell your story, the easier it is to tell and the better it gets. Practice Sharing your Story with 3 close friends.


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