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Sharing the gospel with others is one of the most exciting adventures in all of life. It’s sharing the life-changing message of Jesus: who is he, what has he done and why.

Anyone can personally begin a relationship with God, any time – even right now – through Jesus Christ. This message can be communicated in a clear and simple way using these 4 big ideas:

  1. God’s Love. God Loves You and created you to know Him personally. God has a wonderful plan for your life.
  2. Our Condition. People are sinful and separated from God, so we cannot know Him personally or experience His love and plan.
  3. God’s Response. Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for our sin. Through Him alone we can know God personally and experience God’s love and plan.
  4. Our Response. We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord – then we can know God personally and experience His love and plan.

Let’s take a look at these points in the gospel. But first, get out your smartphone and download the GodTools app.

Read “Knowing God Personally” – a simple gospel presentation.

Challenge: Use an Evangelism Tool of your choice, share the gospel with 3 people.

Learn more about sharing the Gospel message to others:



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