US Mission Network

Cru is pleased to partner with the U.S. Mission Network, a network dedicated to helping YMCA's share the message of Jesus with the members and communites they serve.

It's pretty easy to share that message. It's a matter of talking about what Jesus is doing in your life and the hope that He offers everything.

Just remember - everyone is on a spiritual journey. God is already at work in the lives of your members, friends, and neighbors, and God longs to use your willingness to walk alongside them.

Ready? Let's explore 4 basic steps to sharing your faith.


Everything starts with prayer. As you pray that God will use you, you’ll also want to pray for people and the opportunity to share Jesus with them.

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Create Your List

Start the Conversation

Okay, so you’ve been praying. God has placed people on your heart who need to hear the gospel. Now, how do you even start that conversation?

Start with 3 simple steps: “Focus, Invite, and Ask.”

Start the Conversation

Share Your Story

Our stories connect us to others and they can help others connect with God. Learn how to tell the story that matters most – your real story.

Craft Your Story

Share the Gospel

Sharing the gospel with your friends is an adventure – exciting, maybe a little scary, and definitely life changing. Preparation and practice will help you connect your story to the gospel story.

Choose A Tool

Answering Questions

Your friends have legitimate questions about God. Encourage them to visit It is built for nonbelievers, answering their most pressing questions.


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SomeTime Challenge

Discover easy connections to the gospel through planned conversations. With SomeTime, it’s easy ... really easy. Sign up for a 5-week devotional series to learn how you can engage in gospel conversations.

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4 Free Apps to Share Your Faith

Ever thought about your mobile device as a tool for living missionally? Use these free apps to tell others about Christ.


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Conversational Tools

Sharing the gospel can be fun, engaging, and meaningful as playing card games.  These methods are conversational and give others a chance to tell their story, instead of just talking at someone with a bunch of spiritual facts.  

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Make Jesus Known on My Campus

Start a gospel revolution today on your campus. We’ll show you ways to make Jesus known on your campus and provide resources to help you establish your own community of faith at your school.

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A Surrendered Life

Living a surrendered life is an important part of being a Christian. It’s saying, “I’ll go where You want me to go; do what You want me to do; say what You want me to say; and give what You want me to give.”

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