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Suva, Fiji

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The Fiji Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its natural beauty, weather and people. Suva City, which is the capital of Fiji, is on the main island called Viti Levu and surrounded by another 300 plus islands. A majority of the population is religious as Christianity and Hinduism is the most followed sect. Due to the influence of the early missionaries, the island nation of Fiji is historically and largely Christian although being declared as a secular state in 2014 (TBC).

The Fijian people consists of a multicultural mix including the iTaukei, Rotumans and Fijians of Indian, Chinese and European descent.

Fiji is also one of the leading nations in the Pacific as it hosts the largest university campus in the South Pacific, the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus and is the secretariat for many of the regional organisations including the PIFS, PIDF and the SPC.


Where can I study?

The University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus would be the most ideal for any international student to come and study in. This is due to the many students that have come through its exchange program. Currently, there are ten exchange partners. International students who would like to come to USP as an exchange student must contact their home university to find out whether their university is a part of USP’s exchange programme. If your university is not a USP exchange partner, than you can still come to USP, but as a Study Abroad student.

Link to apply

International students website

Why study at USP?

What types of classes can I take?

Details of the classes are mentioned in the above links.

When can I go?

  • Semester 2: 2016
    • Lectures Begin: July 11
    • End of Examination Period: November 25
  • Semester 1, 2017 TBC (Awaiting finalised dates):
    • Orientation: 30 January or 6 February
    • End of Examination Period: 9 June or 16 June

What kind of ministry will I be doing?

Student Life Facebook Page

The Campus Ministry in Suva, Fiji will be the ministry a student will be involved. Similar to student leaders here in Fiji, when joining the campus team - students will be expected to be sharing their faith on a weekly basis and also building intentional relationship, especially amongst students on campus. This would require at least 5-10 hours per week and also engaging in the Weekly ConneXional meetings for the student movement.

The annual student conference is held during the semester break and it would be encouraged for students studying abroad to attend as it marks the culmination of involvement in the movement during the semester.

There are also mini retreats for men and women, building and pertaining to issues revolving their growth, which is usually held during the mid-semester breaks or the public holiday weekends in Fiji.

Where will I live?

International students (on exchange or studying abroad) are normally accommodated on Campus. Details of this are on the website provided through the link on Question 2.

Will there be a language barrier?

The official language of Fiji is English and all classes are taught in the English language.

How much does this cost?

The cost of tuition and fees varies by each campus and by the university you currently attend.

Student Life Conference: During the semester break for one week which costs $200FJD. Men and Women Retreat: Mid-semester break which would costs: $50FJD

When is the application deadline?

  • For fall semesters, please apply here by August 1st.
  • For spring semesters, please apply here by December 1st.
  • For summer terms, please apply here by May 1st.
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