Go 2020

Go2020 is the joint effort of dozens of Christian churches and organizations to invite followers of Jesus all over the world to pray for those around them, love them and tell them about Jesus during May 2020.



Pray. Care. Share.

You can join the effort to intentionally show Christ’s love to those around you in three ways. 



Ask God to help you think of three to five people in your life who would benefit from growing closer to Christ. Think about people you see regularly, like those from your workplace, school, neighborhood, friend group or family. Write their names down in a place you’ll see throughout the day so you’ll remember to pray for them often



From the list you created, whom can you invite to coffee or get together with? Who might need a friendly word, a visit or a meal? Take an action. Intentionally show God’s love to the people He has laid on your heart.


Pray for an opportunity to share about the important role Jesus plays in your life with those you listed. Be intentional and start a conversation to find out what the people from your list believe about life and spiritual things. Ask them if you can share about your own experience. 

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