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Countless people can point to a Cru conference as the first time they turned their lives over to Christ, began to really understand what it meant to walk with God, or made a life changing decision. There is incredible power in creating time and space for God to work in the midst of a gathering of people. We are looking for talented conference and events planners to manage regional, national, and/or international conferences and events. We are looking for people who can develop conference programs, negotiate contracts, are detail-oriented, thrive under pressure, and have a passion for event logistics and tactics.

The conference and event planner’s life in Cru:
You will work in a dynamic environment that will allow you to develop personally and professionally. You will participate in many different aspects of conference and events planning as you plan a wide variety of conferences in many different settings. You will work with energetic, talented groups of people from graphic designers to hotel managers. Multiple positions are available in our regional and national offices.

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