Population: 140,041,247

Located in Northern Eurasia, stretching transcontinentally from the borders of Northern and Eastern Europe to the North Pacific Ocean.

Map of Russia

Freedom of religion was written into the constitution after communism's collapse in 1991. But the hopes of spiritual renewal of the early 1990s have been dashed by the failures of both political and church leadership. 90% of Russians have no meaningful link with a church -- whether Orthodox or not.


Couple Fulfills Dream of Mission Trip With Entire Family

70-Year-Old “Birthday Boy” Gives Gift of Mission Trip to His Entire Family

Russian Heroin Addict Has Hope for Future

Drug rehab center in Russia yields astonishing success rate of 95 percent; Cru curriculum plays central role

A Journey to Russia and Back -- Part 2

A staff couple returns to Russia with Cru to see God at work in the hearts of the people in Ekaterinburg.

A Journey to Russia and Back

Darin and Susan McFarland knew early on that they wanted to serve the Lord in Russia. What their journey would be like, however, surprised them both.

Missionary Kids?

Darin and Susan McFarland, Cru staff members, have raised their 5 children in Russia.

Ministry as a Family Affair

Missionary kids learn how to do ministry in the home while living in Russia.

College Graduate Spends One Year in Krasnodar to Start New Ministry

One woman remembers and quotes from letters home to describe her yearlong stay in Russia where she and a team of recent college graduates helped launch a new campus ministry.

Defrosting the Freeze of a Siberian College Campus With Warmth of Christ

A multinational team of missionaries defrost the physical and spiritual freeze of a Siberian college campus by braving the cold to meet with students and show them Christ's love.

Woman with HIV Transformed by God

A group of Russian teachers are moved by Katya's story of her life being transformed by God.

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