Population: 2,913,281

Located in Eastern Europe, northeast of Romania

Map of Moldova

Moldova is a very beautiful country full of people with kind hearts. But due to poverty, low level of life and poor education people are forced to leave the country looking for better life for themselves and their families.


We have 65 full-time national staff that are faithfully taking the Gospel to students, teachers, professional athletes as well as helping churches to build spiritual movements to reach Moldova for Christ.

Some exciting facts about ministry in Moldova:

  • Most of our staff are university graduates and have already been trained in ministry for two to four years.
  • The students and people here are still open to the Gospel as never before. (Atheistic Communism has left a spiritual vacuum in this country.)
  • Campus Crusade has a proven track record of effective ministry in Moldova since 1995 (when just two full time staff started the ministry in Moldova). During 22 years, many staff and volunteers committed themselves to evangelism and discipleship. Now we have two teams that work with students, two teams with church-led movements, one team with Athletes in Action, and one team with leaders, families and teachers.
  • Almost everybody in Moldova speaks Romanian and Russian. It is a good opportunity for Moldovan missionaries to go to Russia for spreading the Gospel. In 2003, our first missionary went there in Voronej to start a ministry among students. Since May 2009, a team of five missionaries have been serving in Ufa, Russia (Muslim region). In 2014, the team turned back in Moldova, but they left a team of student volunteers continuing the movement in Ufa.  We are praying that many others would commit themselves to reaching Russia for Christ.

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