A Fashion Major and an Earthquake

God used Chandler’s love of fashion in a unique way in Haiti.

Blair Pippin
A Fashion Major and an Earthquake (photo) - Photo courtesy Blair Pippin.


In January of 2010, a student named Chandler joined the world as we watched horrific images of destruction when a massive earthquake hit the poverty-stricken island of Haiti.

Soon after, she heard of an opportunity to travel there on a Cru summer project to help rebuild homes and lives. She jumped at the chance. Little did she know that it was her life that was going to be changed, perhaps the most, in the process.

When she arrived in Haiti she came face to face with overwhelming physical hardship unlike anything she had ever seen. However, as she met Haitian followers of Christ, she witnessed joy she could hardly comprehend.

While serving these wonderful people, she fell in love with them and vowed one day to return.

Back on campus at the University of Texas, Chandler was studying fashion design and really loved it. She dreamed of doing that type of work but also longed to make a difference in the lives of Haitians. She wondered, “How could fashion help people rise out of poverty?”

While meeting with some missionaries from Haiti, the Lord gave Chandler an answer.

Three months after graduating and getting married, she and her new husband moved to Port au Prince, Haiti where they work with Haitian Creations to empower locals to provide for their families through multiple business opportunities including producing jewelry and clothing. They see lives changed daily as they provide sustainable jobs for families who were once going hungry.

Lives of people like Yvetta and her family. Yvetta was a single mother of three unhealthy boys. Uneducated and impoverished, she needed to learn how to read and make a living. First, she attended their literacy training, and then their jewelry training.

Now, she is not only able to read but has become an expert at crafting jewelry and has quite a business. Her home, that was once a 5’ x 5’ cinderblock space without a bed for herself or her family, is now much larger with furniture for everyone. Not only that, but her 3 sons are also in good health. Through a sustainable job, God has used Chandler to help Yvetta change the future for her family.

Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matt. 25:45). Chandler is truly serving our Lord.

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