Cru Colombia is committed to multiplying disciples and connecting people to Christ so that all can experience a relationship with Jesus Christ in missional communities. We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign democratic country with an estimated 48 million people divided into 32 departments. Bogotá is the capital and largest city in the country. In South America, Colombia is the fourth largest nation and the third-most populous nation in Latin America. 

Colombia is ethnically diverse consisting of original native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, as well as people of African descent.


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Bogotá - Colombia


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Our Mission:

To train up multiplying disciples that experience God in community and commit themselves and others to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Our Vision:

Spiritual movements in all of Colombia with true followers of Jesus that inspire and help produce social and cultural transformation that glorifies God. 

Our 4 Components:

Student Led Movements

Student Led Movements

Student Led Movements simply means that there is a team of like-minded students that are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in their university. They are students that respond to the call and example of Jesus to "Go and make disciples" and therefore are in the business of multiplying disciples. 

We work with highschool and college students, as well as professors and administrative staff. We seek to connect them to Jesus Christ and grow together in the knowledge of Him to grow in leadership, impact their spheres and leave a legacy that changes lives for every generation that follows. We help students start a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We provide training so that each student can realize their God given potential. Lastly, we help Christian students start a group on their school or campus. 

Leader Led Movements

Leader Led Movements

We help connect professionals with Jesus Christ, and follow Him while growing as effective leaders that will impact the world with the principals and values of Jesus of Nazareth in their spheres, be it: family, education, economics, business, religion, art, sports, culture, media, or politics. 

We help professionals start a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We train and offer coaching to develop them and their leadership skills to their maximum potential. We provide materials and tools for them to grow in their faith and leadership so that they might positively impact society and leave a legacy for the next generations. There are opportunities to serve other professionals, young people and communities at risk. 


Global Church Movements

Global Church Movements

We serve Christian churches by helping their leaders grow and reach their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We help them establish community groups that can grow together in faith and multiply their efforts in other churches to reach their city, country and world. Training is offered for themes such as: spiritual leadership, Bible, theology, evangelism, and discipleship.

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies

A ministry passionate about using digital strategies to share Jesus. Since this generation is 'everything digital' we want to make Jesus known through Apps and content online be it on a cell phone, tablet or computer. 


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  • Partners that develop effective leaders, people that grow, healthy teams that accelerate movements everywhere. Through strategies, development, processes and care so that each person feels valued within the organization. 


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