Martin Loses His Fight with God

Chris Lawrence

Martin Gutzos saw the group nearly everywhere on his college campus in La Plata, Argentina.

The group of Americans was on a summer mission trip with Cru. They were affable, outgoing and outspoken about their faith in God. They invited Martin to attend English clubs and other events, but he turned them down flat.

Several times.

"I was in a fight with God and I didn't want to know anything about Him," Martin says.

The accounting major had many questions that weren't adding up. Specifically, his father died a few years earlier from a sudden heart attack. "We never did get a chance to work things out between us," he says.

Then a student named Blake invited him to coffee. Martin finally gave in.

During the next two weeks, they met up several times and talked about life and spiritual things.

"I will give your God another chance," Martin said.

Eventually, Martin prayed and received Christ as his Savior. "I began to understand that God is the only One who decides for things to happen on earth," says Martin. "His decision was for my father to die. I don't know why."

Even though Martin's questions weren't fully answered, his new relationship with the God of the universe gave him peace.

Martin began to be involved with Vida Estudiantil ("Student Life"), the name for Cru in Argentina.

Martin, now 26 and finishing graduate school, often tells others about his new faith, including a friend named Maxi. "He told me last week that he wanted to change his life," says Martin. "He has had lots of questions. I understand."

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