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An Urban Immersion™ Story From Seattle

Left to right: Steve, Chris and Thang at Urban Immersion in SeattleI met Thang, a 10-year-old Vietnamese boy at Urban Impact. Urban Impact is an after-school program run at an elementary school in Seattle.

During my week at the program I got to spend some significant time with Thang and a couple of his friends, like Amir, who is from a Muslim family.

One day during homework time they didn't have anything to work on, so I shared a few Bible stories with them (the prodigal son, Samson, and Jonah). The next day they were really excited to see me and wanted to play all afternoon. They even asked me to share more stories with them.

I shared the story of Joseph and then transitioned to sharing the Four Spiritual Laws in a way that was easy for them to understand. It was cool because Thang instantly related the prodigal son story to our conversation. I could see the fire in Thang's eyes and asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus into his heart. Taking him aside to make sure it was an actual change of heart — and indeed it was — he accepted Jesus right there!

Having the opportunity to spend time investing in these kids and then lead one to Jesus was so amazing.

I have always loved kids, and this experience gave me an even greater heart for children. And it was really neat to preach to the nations — Vietnam, Yemen and Columbia — on one day in a classroom.

Chris Baughman
Student, University of Florida

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