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These resources supplement the S.A.Y. Yes!® Curriculum Lessons.

The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories

The Book of VirtuesBill Bennett, former Secretary of Education, shows your children how to learn more about biblical principles from many genres of literature. Stories from the Bible, American history, poems, fables, Greek myths, philosophy, fiction, and fairy tales are all used to illustrate the virtues of self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, courage, and faith.

By: William J. Bennett

Moral Compass: Stories for a Life's Journey

The Moral CompassA companion to The Book of Virtues, this volume gathers hundreds of stories, poems, and essays that defend or illustrate virtue and family values.

Drawn from familiar Western history and mythology as well as a wide selection of tales and folklore from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the stories in The Moral Compass are literary and evocative, designed to inspire as well as instruct.

By: William J. Bennett

Have You Heard of the Four Fantastic Facts?

The Four Fantastic FactsThe popular and practical Four Spiritual Laws is now available in a fun, illustrated booklet designed for elementary-aged children. Written in simple language that children can understand, it presents the gospel as four facts instead of four laws. We believe this will soon become one of your favorite tools for children's ministry and a tool that older children can use with their friends.

You can preview The Four Fantastic Facts online in English and Spanish.

By: Cru®

Children's Discipleship SeriesChildren's Discipleship Series

Whimsically appealing, this new discipleship curriculum is based on the Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity. Encourage your 9- to 12-year-olds to build a solid foundation for the Christian life! Engaging activities and dynamic lessons teach tweens about obedience, witnessing, stewardship, and more.

By: Cru

Good News

The Good NewsThe Good News Comic Book enables you to introduce children to Christ through a colorful gospel presentation in comic book form. Ideal for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and as bag inserts for special children's events. These comic books help children understand who God is in a simple and relevant way.

By: Cru

The JESUS Film

The JESUS FilmExactly who was Jesus Christ? This movie answers that question, the most accurate film ever made about Christ, so true-to-life that viewers will feel like they are in first-century Palestine with the Savior. JESUS was filmed on location in Israel in biblical settings with a cast of more than 5,000 Israelis and Arabs. And virtually every word is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke.

JESUS — the most widely translated film in history — is currently available in more than 1,400 languages.

By: Jesus Film Project®

The Story of Jesus for ChildrenThe Story of Jesus for Children is a specially adapted version of the JESUS film for children and is available in more than 100 languages.

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