WorkNet Fast Track video series

WorkNet Solution's "Fast Track" career development and job search readiness series will soon be available in video. This is an introductory video that gives a glimpse of what it will include. Check back later to see the video series when it becomes available.

WorkNet’s Fast Track career development and job search curriculum is now a video series!

Elisabeth Sanders-Park, President of WorkNet Solutions has partnered with Cru to create a set of videos where she teaches through the entire 13-part career development and job search Fast Track curriculum (paper worksheets). The worksheets can be purchased at If you would like to try out the series with a small group or class, WorkNet Solutions has bundled 5 sets of the Fast Tracks. If you don't see it on the website contact them and ask for the Cru Starter Kit.

Email: Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Fax: 866-845-4117
Call: 714-318-3698

To view the first video in the series go to: "Fast Track Video - What Do I Want From A Job?"

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