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Are you looking for ways to better understand God's heart for the poor here in Chicago? Or maybe you are looking for ways to be involved in reaching people for Christ? Join us as a volunteer and watch how God is working to "deliver the needy who cry out."

Packing Events

  • Homeless Care Kits: Every winter, volunteers pack Homeless Care Kits that include a blanket, warm gloves, a scarf, socks, a toothbrush, soap and spiritual materials.
  • Easter Bags: You could help pack the bags, write cards, and make bracelets for our Easter Bags. Each bag is filled with candy, small toys, gospel bead bracelets, and cards and then given to children in the inner city.
  • PowerPacks™: PowerPacks are backpacks filled with school supplies and distributed at the beginning of each school year.
  • Boxes of Love®: Boxes of Love are precious tools for sharing the love and hope of the gospel with families in need. Each Box of Love® contains enough food for a family of six to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal in their own home.

Agape Center After-School Programs:

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