Greg — A Transformed Life

by Marc Henkel — 17 September 2018

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Greg and Marc at Imago DeiFor the past two years, my wife Sandy and I have been part of a church plant in Chicago called Imago Dei, which desires to see a strong, multi-racial church established on Chicago's south side. Members have worked to invite people from the community to be a part of the church.

One Sunday in April 2017, a young man named Greg walked into the service with no prior connection to anyone from the church. I met Greg and invited him to attend my men's Bible study. I soon realized that Greg did not know much about Jesus, was without employment, and homeless.

It became obvious that God was working in Greg's life! Driving Greg to the homeless shelter, I shared the gospel, and Greg expressed interest in knowing Christ as his Savior. Before arriving at the shelter, Greg invited Jesus to come into his life! The next week, the associate pastor at Imago Dei invited Greg to move in with him and his family. Then, later that week, a friend of the ministry mentioned he'd heard about some full-time job openings. Greg proceeded to apply and got the job the next day!

In just two weeks, Greg came to know Jesus as his Savior, got connected to relationships in a new church home, moved into a stable housing situation, and secured full-time employment! In the past year, Greg has maintained his job and continues to live with and be discipled by the associate pastor of his new church!

We praise God for bringing Greg to Imago Dei, for the partnership Cru® shares with the church, and for your support which enables Cru staff members to reach out to and disciple people like Greg!

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Marc HenkelMarc Henkel serves as the co-director for Cru Inner City Chicago.



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