Campus Blog - 2015

The Valley and the Shadow

It's easy to not trust in God. We ask questions, like: What’s next? What’s around the corner that we can’t see? Will things only get worse? God, are you even here? Do you not see what’s happening? Are we supposed to deal with stuff on our own, or wait for you, or do everything right and figure it all out so that then you’ll be glorified?

The Invisible Front

ISIS seems to constantly be in the headlines, and Jason Weimer makes the case that you and I have just as important a role in the mission to defeat jihadists as any soldier or policymaker. Maybe even greater.

Where Will I Sit?

There is tremendous comfort in the knowledge that we are "seated" with Christ. You have a seat at the table with Jesus. You are seated with Him right now. You are at the Greatest Table with the Greatest King.

We're All Gonna Die

We're all gonna die. Yes, even you. As Christians, death is not the enemy it once was. But how do we live joyfully in the knowledge that we'll all die one day?

In But Not Of

You'll often hear people say that we're supposed to be "in the world but not of it." What does that mean? What did Jesus have to say about that? How do we live in light of that?

Transformational Small Groups

Ed Stetzer gives five points to help you move your small group to the next level.

Evangelism and the Cojourner Roles

Gilbert Kingsley summarizes what each CoJourner role looks like, and pertinent tools to help you grow in each role.

Three Temptations That Destroy Community

If you’ve been around the world of Cru for awhile, you’d probably agree that community is vital to individual and corporate health. In his CruPress book, The Kingdom of Couches, Will Walker states, “Community is not an event, activity, application point, or something we need to do in order to grow in our spiritual lives. Rather, it is the context in which all activities, application, and spiritual growth happens.” So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

Study Abroad on Mission

What comes to mind when you think about studying abroad during college? Perhaps you think of seeing the world, traveling to a new location, making great friends, or the stereotypical idea of “living it up” during a semester overseas. What if you re-thought all the clichés of a traditional study abroad experience, and looked at it as an opportunity to live on mission?

What's the Difference?

If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, here is something to consider: Do you really believe that Jesus is uniquely different and superior to any other person or believe system? And if so, are we arrogant in thinking this? Is faith in Christ just another option in the spiritual smorgasbord set before us? What is wrong with someone choosing a different option? These are questions that we need to think through as God gives us opportunities to talk with others about Jesus.

Six Aspects of Team

If you’re leading a team then you know you that this is crunch time. There are a few precious weeks with these people who have been entrusted to your care before your staff peel off to focus on MPD and prepare for their summer assignments. You can help your team end well by reminding them that they are not lone rangers. You can lead a discussion on what it means to be a TEAM.

Confirmation Bias

“Perhaps the most undervalued quality of a great mind or, at least, an awakened mind, is the willingness to abandon cherished ideas that cannot stand up to new evidence.” Joseph Loconte “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

And the Winner is...

You know the feeling, right? You’re on the edge of your seat. The anticipation is growing. You’ve watched the competition or reality show (Celebrity Apprentice: Leeza or Geraldo? Don’t tell me. I haven’t watched the finale yet!) as the participants jumped through hoops, overcame obstacles, performed silly stunts, fought for the rose, defended themselves in the board room, etc. After all that work, who will win?

The Physics of Social Norms

How to Create a Positive Imbalance (and move conversations beyond the status quo).

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