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A Heart Molded By Prayer

Marie Dell

I saw the cutest Olaf (Disney character from the movie Frozen) ice-cube tray as I wandered through the shop. I thought about Olaf-molded cubes and how they would delight my children. The thought struck me - “How would my molded heart delight others and the Lord?”

Since June 20th, 2015, I have been part of the Pray2020 movement. We are trusting God to see 10 million multiplying disciples being raised up by the year 2020 to influence the world for Jesus. A lofty challenge! We pray daily that the Lord would mold our hearts to be one with His heart so that we can also be multiplying disciples. We also pray that He would multiply our lives through others and also mobilize them to join us in our efforts.

For eight months now I have prayed this prayer every night. A reminder on my phone rings at 20:20, my family gathers for a quick Pray2020 prayer when appropriate, or I whisper the prayer on my own.

As I looked at the ice-cube tray in my hand, ready to make beautiful little replicas of Olaf, I wondered if people can see that I’m in the process of becoming a little replica of Jesus. Conforming to the mold is hard.

Two weeks ago, a friend said some hurtful things to me. I was angry and disappointed. After moping around about the situation, I suddenly realized that her hurtful, yet untrue comments shone a light on my need for acceptance by others. For the past few years I have been focussing on Galatians 1:10, “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Yet, here I was, upset about the lack of approval from a friend. I immediately realized that this experience was being used by God to mold me into the likeness of Jesus.  He only lived to please His Father. Relieved and excited by the molding of my heart, I was able to not only forgive my friend, but also to appreciate the full acceptance and approval I have with God because of the payment Jesus made for me on the cross.

As I looked down at the Olaf-shaped ice-cube tray, I again prayed: “Lord, mold me into Your likeness so that I will delight You and those around me.”

Join the Pray2020 movement.  Start praying that the Lord would mold your heart to become one with His, multiply your life and enable you to mobilize others to do the same. Why not set your alarm clock or a reminder on your phone to remind you of this prayer at 20:20?  Also visit for more information.

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