Praying for Wonder

Margaret Feinberg

I knew I needed a fresh encounter with God to awaken me from my sleep, to disturb me from my slumber. And so I prayed for wonder.

Palms extended, wide-eyed with expectation, I waited for an answer. And God did not disappoint. For me, a prayer for wonder asks the Lord to expand my capacity to see and savor the divine gifts all around.

I still relish the striking and curious ways God answered. The means God employed to alert me to the beauty awaiting in the most mundane moments of life. The process God used to transform my hollowness to hallowedness.

Through the months and years that followed, Bible passages that had become stale and flat came alive much like a pop-up book revealing hidden beauty and unexpected surprises.

Often when God answers a prayer for wonder, the tone and tenacity with which we live our lives changes. Holiness beckons. Divine expectation flourishes. Hope returns. Love abounds. In response, we awaken, toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and we drink in the fullness of life God intended for us.

We live alert to the wonders all around us and within us that expand our desire to know God more.

My hope is that through the following pages you will rediscover, or possibly discover for the first time, the wonder of God stirring in your own heart. Apart from this wonder, passion for God and his Word fades.

With a renewed sense of wonder, even the cold embers of an extinguished faith can be fanned back into flame.

Will you pray for wonder?

Right now, ask God to awaken your ability to see and savor his sweet presence and recognize his divine handiwork. And as you pray, may you be wonderstruck. You may discover another facet of God’s character, feel the soft pinch of his presence, and step back in astonishment of the One who holds everything together.

Along the way, I trust you’ll experience God. When you lay hold of him, may you never let go.


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