The Secret of 2 Questions

Starting a life-changing conversation is easier than you think and you can do it anywhere

Sabrina Beasley

I grew up going to church, so I thought I knew how to tell others about Christ. I was taught: Get up enough guts to talk to someone, sneak up on them so they can't run away, then lay the gospel on them like a ton of bricks.

But I remember the first time I heard Bill Bright, founder of Cru, talk about telling others about Christ. He told stories about leading a taxicab driver to Christ, meeting someone on an elevator and sharing the Good News, and of meeting someone in the grocery store and giving them the Four Spiritual Laws booklet that explained how to receive Christ.

The number of people he spoke to amazed me, but more amazing was the ease with which he presented his beliefs.

I discovered a pattern that he often used. He asked two questions.
Bill Bright would meet a perfect stranger, ask their name and other get-to-know-you information, then he would ask, "Where are you spiritually?"

When the stranger told Bill his or her religious beliefs or lack thereof, Bill would often ask, "Have you heard the wonderful news about the gospel of Jesus Christ?"

These two questions seemed so simple, so unthreatening, so easy to answer.

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