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Happiness Is Not About Being in a Relationship

Mary Grace Rodgers

Our society often glorifies relationships and looks down on singleness. This isn’t fair. There are great things about being single. Here are a few.


1. No one will steal your fries after telling you they didn’t want any.

2. Time spent hanging out with friends is only limited by you (and, of course, your friends).

3. You can spend more time chasing your passions.

4. You don’t have to share the remote.

5. You’re always on your own schedule.

6. The only person you have to dress up for is yourself.

7. You can spend more time getting to know yourself better.

8. Traveling can be more spontaneous.

9. It helps you learn to do things on your own.

10. You have time to figure out what you want in life.

11. You can make your own choices.

12. You have the freedom to take more risks.

13. You get to spend holidays and special events with whomever you want.

14. No one eats your snacks.

15. No one messes with your stuff.

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