Global Leadership

Abraham George

Vice President for Leadership Development and Human Resources

Abraham received Christ in college. He and his wife, Romila, joined Campus Crusade for Christ in 1993. For 18 years, they served across North India, engaging with students on campuses and collaborating with workplace leaders. Abraham also coordinated the Jesus Film Project® ministry initiatives in Northwest India, partnering with churches and other organizations. 

Seeing that missionaries were pouring into the lives of others but not being refreshed themselves, Abraham pursued an MA in Counseling. He directed Leadership Development and Human Resources (LDHR) for South Asia from 2012-2017. During this time, he was instrumental in initiating several leadership development programs, such as the “MA in Christian Leadership” and the “Lay Counselor Training.” 

After two years with Global LDHR (2017-2019), Abraham served as Associate National Director for North India and India National Leader for LDHR until 2023.

Abraham is passionate about equipping and developing people in ministry to be the best that God has called them to be. He believes in nurturing missionaries through dedicated care and support, fostering leadership development and mobilizing resources — empowering them to have a lasting impact for Jesus in their communities and beyond.

Abraham has a Bachelor of Divinity, an MA in Philosophy and Religion, and an MA in Counseling. He is an ordained minister in the Church of North India and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 

Abraham is married to Romila and they have two children, Aaron, who is married to Mary, and Eden.

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