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Cru’s Response to the Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

The following is an update from Steve Sellers, executive vice president of Cru, regarding the ministry’s response to the coronavirus:

“Over the last couple months, the minds and hearts of human beings around the world have been captured by a common topic: the coronavirus.

"Governments are asking questions about individual care and community safety. Individual men and women are experiencing emotions related to the fragility of life. Followers of Jesus are looking for the appropriate opportunity to share the reason for the hope that resides within.

"At Cru, we are linking arms with all of society to love one another by preventing the spread of the virus where possible. We are also in partnership with other followers of Jesus to journey alongside those with questions and concern and to help them take the next step with Jesus.

"Since January, a global crisis team has been tracking and assisting the nations that were initially affected by the virus. Each Cru ministry around the world is enacting protocols that fit their unique situation.

"In March, we enacted the following protocols for all U.S. staff with Cru.

  • The global headquarters in Orlando and regional offices around the nation remain open only for skeleton crews. Approximately 95% of staff are being asked to work off-site.
  • All international ministry travel has been suspended through July 31. (All U.S. staff overseas can travel back to the U.S.)
  • Domestic ministry travel has been limited except on rare occasions.
  • All Cru summer missions and projects have been cancelled.

"All of these protocols are in place for the benefit of our employees, for our community and for the nation. We will continue to evaluate and follow the guidance of the CDC, the WHO and other health professionals. At the same time, Cru’s mission is not changing. Together we are committed to seeing lives transformed by the gospel and will continue to do so, it will just look different during this time. While we are limiting our in-person meetings as a way to care for those around us, we are working digitally to continue our mission to share Jesus and disciple others. We believe that we can be bold and full of faith without putting others at risk unnecessarily. We are in this for the long haul and the country is in our prayers as we move forward.

"Finally, we want to encourage people to take time to nurture your own intimacy with the Lord. Look for extended time to be in His presence and to seek Him. Spend time talking and listening in prayer. Let Him care for you deeply and increase your dependence upon Him. Jesus is our priority. In the weeks ahead may we fall more in love with Him and carry that love to others in powerful ways.”

Cru is offering the following ministry resources to assist people as they adjust to life and ministry in light of COVID-19.

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