Athletes in Action


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Athletes in Action, a Cru ministry, works with athletes and coaches to use the unique platform of sport to help people around the world with questions of faith.

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Photo credit: Ted Wilcox, Cru. Through worldwide evangelistic strategies and mentoring, athletes and coaches on more than 200 college campuses, such as the University of Arizona (shown), are trained and equipped for a lifetime of ministry by Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Cru.

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Through competitive teams for sports such as basketball, wrestling, volleyball and soccer, Athletes in Action sends athletes abroad to play against national teams, offers clinics and brings a message of hope to sports enthusiasts of all ages.

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Athletes in Action also has ongoing spiritual enrichment programs established with college and professional teams across the United States. (Photo courtesy of Guy Gerrard/Worldwide Challenge)

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Athletes in Action works with thousands of college, professional, and international athletes, coaches, and sport administrators in 75 countries around the world. (Photo courtesy of Ted Wilcox/Worldwide Challenge)

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