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Bio: Mark Gauthier, vice president and U.S. national director, Cru

Mark Gauthier joined Cru in 1986, beginning as chaplain at Harvard University then expanding the ministry to students in the greater Boston area. In just five years, he led a team to establish a ministry presence on 27 Boston campuses.

In 1996, Gauthier joined the leadership team for Cru’s U.S. campus ministry, which provided guidance and direction to thousands of Cru staff and volunteers on high school and college campuses. In 2003, he moved into the role of executive director for U.S. campus ministry and vice president of Cru.

In October 2020, Gauthier was appointed vice president and U.S. national director for Cru.

Gauthier and his wife Kristi live in Orlando, Florida, where Cru is headquartered.

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