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Now It’s Your Turn

The perfect place to build movements is right here.

Sarah Martin

Do you find yourself inspired to leave a spiritual legacy, but confused about where to start?

In this 4-part series we have looked at an ordinary college student's journey, examined what a spiritual movement is and even learned about how other's have dealt with common obstacles.

Now it's your turn.

You don't have to be a pastor, missionary or theologian to leave a spiritual legacy. Starting with where you are and what you have, your influence can multiply.

Whether you stay at home with children, work in corporate America or go to school, you can make a difference in the lives of others and help people learn how to do the same.

And it all begins in the place God has you in life.

Reach the World From Home

Thanks to the freedom and accessibility of the internet, you can use e-mail to help lead someone to Christ or mentor and train a new believer. Evangelistic Web sites connect those seeking answers, including college students and military personnel, to the truth found in Christ.

Because you can have an ongoing spiritual conversation with a neighbor down the street or someone halfway around the world using your computer, you're not limited to meeting with someone in person to help them grow in their faith.

Have Lasting Influence in Your Workplace

A mission field awaits you at your 9-to-5 regardless of whether you have just entered the job force or are already climbing the corporate ladder. God can use you not only to point people to Christ, but also to build spiritual leaders in your circles of influence.

Consider a lunch time Bible study using materials like Foundations, which can work well in the business environment.

Change Lives within Your Community

Building spiritual movements as a volunteer combines your interests and passions with your heart for God. Participate in activities already started by others or be the first to try new ideas among an affinity group in your area.

Some areas of interest include:

Use What You are Already Doing

You might already be doing things that easily could lead to spiritual multiplication like leading a small group Bible study or receiving training you could teach others.

A simple change in perspective might be all you need to move from ministry to movements.

Reflect on your activities using the following questions:

  1. Is the focus of your activity on the Bible?
  2. Are the members of your group becoming a team and taking ownership of the group (i.e. taking a leadership role)?
  3. Is your group observing, interacting, studying and processing together? In other words, is self-discovered learning occurring?
  4. Is application taking place outside of the group? Are you seeing life changes?
  5. Is the group gradually changing their focus from merely receiving to receiving and giving? Is there an outlet for what they're learning?

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