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A Popular Evangelistic Website to Share


EveryStudent.com is an evangelistic site you can use with both students and adults.

It addresses the key questions that nonbelievers have about life and God. But it is not an apologetic site. It is written directly to nonbelievers, so there is nothing you have to digest and reword. You can send people directly to the site. It is for them.

The articles and videos will speak to atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, people of any religious or nonreligious background, with persuasive reasons to begin a relationship with God.

More than 2,500 people each day tell us they have asked Jesus into their lives while on the site. You can read statements of thanks from some of these new believers.

EveryStudent.com is in 40+ languages.

Here’s how the site frees you to start comfortable, easy conversations about God…

You no longer have to worry about being asked a question that you can’t answer.

People can ask tough questions like these:

  • “Ok. Go ahead. Prove to me that God exists.”
  • “How can you believe in a loving God given the suffering in our world?”
  • “Does God really answer prayer? My prayers are never answered.”
  • “Why does it have to be Jesus? Why not Buddha, Mohammed, etc.?”
  • “In really tough situations, what exactly can I count on God for?”

Now you can feel free to start conversations with nonbelievers, without fear of being stuck. You can always say, “Great question. It’s answered really well on a site I want to give you, EveryStudent.com.”

Then you can hand them a card or text them www.EveryStudent.com.

People will sense your love, that you are trying to serve them, and that you respect their ability to decide for themselves. You can ask them about it later and continue the conversation with them.

EveryStudent.com is also available under the name EveryPerson.com. You are welcome to use either one. It’s the same content.

These examples will show you how easy it is to start conversations about God.

You can also share EveryStudent.com in your social media, and make Jesus findable to thousands!

We have wording and links ready for you to use in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Just pray – copy – paste! Here they are.

New believers can begin growing right away!

People who ask Jesus into their lives are immediately invited to visit our followup site, StartingwithGod.com. They are also invited to sign up for a 7-part email series that will help them, “The Spiritual Starter Kit.”

A new believer can continue growing…learning how to trust God, how to read the Bible, learn more about Jesus, and how to share with others how they too can know Jesus.

You are welcome to sign up for ANY of these series yourself. And you can use these to build believers that you know! They are all free. Just encourage people to sign up!

If you would like to know more about how you can use EveryStudent.com to reach thousands, here is a free ebook for you, “The Ripple Effect.”


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