Here's Life - A Student Church

What started as a simple fellowship for a couple and five committed students from Silliman University has grown into a thriving church today. Arnel and Agnes Sugano, PCCC missionaries assigned in Dumaguete, wanted to provide a church environment for their growing number of disciples. 

In 2011, they invited five of their disciples to a simple fellowship in their cozy living room. They soon meet every week going through a bible study series, the Purpose Driven Life.

Two months later their home was no longer enough to seat the growing number of disciples so they move to a larger venue, a function room inside the Bethel Guest House. When the regular attendees started inviting more people to the weekly fellowship, the group needed a name because they do not know what to tell those they’ve invited. They would simply tell people to come to “Bethel.” 

The leaders then decided to call the fellowship “CruLife” owing it to a greater number of members who were from Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Since its birth this church fellowship had witnessed six (6) batches of baptism and seven (7) batches of alumni communities. The church has grown together with its spiritual leaders who have developed the wisdom, skills and experience of exposure and engagement in church ministries and campus movements.


The church continue to pursue the vision of seeing Christ-centered followers who will bring impact wherever God will lead them. In 2017, they collaborated with other CCC-initiated churches and introduced Here’s Life as CruLife’s new name. Since then, they have amplified local and international strategic partnerships in movement-building and church-training. These initiatives include partnerships with student teams, working professionals, and church leaders. 

Through the years, Here’s Life have seen God’s faithfulness and will remain faithful to their mission of seeing changed lives changing lives.


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