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My Prayer Commitment

We want to pray with you as you make this commitment to seek the Lord over the next 30 days. Enter your info below if you want us to pray, or print this page out as a reminder of the commitment you are making to yourself and to the Lord.


I will pray for the next 30 days about what God would have me to do in the future. My prayer partner, ________________, and I will pray together as many of those days as possible.

Signed___________________________ Date ___________



Recognizing that God is the sovereign Lord of my life, I will look to Him for guidance in making my life choices. I am thankful that He has a good plan for my life, and I will trust Him as He reveals that to me. I am thankful that in whatever I do, I can go forward with confidence that I am following after God.

I commit to:

  • Ask God how I fit into His plans.

  • Put all the options that I have before Him and seek His will for the best option.

  • Ask Him to reveal whether or not I am living with an eternal perspective.

  • Obey and follow through with what He shows me to do.

For more on making Godly decisions, check out the Art of Discerning God’s Will.

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