A proven approach to conversational evangelism. Built around four roles, CoJourners helps you learn (or teach) the art of entering the spiritual journeys of others to help them come to Jesus.

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Learning to Be a CoJourner

CoJourners is a transferable paradigm that is easy to learn and easy to use, but powerful in practice. CoJourner principles work effectively with friends or strangers, with students or adults. They can be applied in almost any ministry context and with different approaches and tools.

As a CoJourner you’ll learn to come along side others on their spiritual journey serving in the following roles…

  • Explorer: Discovering insights into others’ spiritual lives.
  • Guide: Showing others how to come to Christ.
  • Builder: Helping others move beyond their issues or obstacles.
  • Mentor: Encouraging others to continue on in their spiritual journey.

Passages: A Devotional Journey

This 28-day devotional will help CoJourners become a way of life. Each devotional thought reinforces the CoJourner paradigm through prayer and the Word of God. Use it yourself, with your small group, as an assignment with training classes or as part of a month-long outreach emphasis.

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CoJourners Podcasts

Listen to 90-second CoJourners spots by Keith Davy on the MyBridge Radio Network. Stream for personal use or to stimulate discussion in your small group.

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Teaching Others to Be a CoJourner

Cojourners Training Sessions

The CoJourner curriculum is what you need to teach your local movement, collegiate ministry, church, or evangelism class how to be CoJourners. Use the Overview as a one-session training, or as the introductory session for a five-session series. Add value by providing each participant a copy of CoJourners: Transferable Concept & Passages: A Devotional Journey.

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