Who Are You Really?

You Are Secure

Based on your answers, you value being secure, which may play a part in where you find your identity.

You like knowing, planning and being prepared for what is to come. You make decisions wisely and cautiously.

We need people like you in the world who think ahead and plan things out!

Those who find their identity in security feel at ease when things are under control, life is in order and their relationships are at peace.

Would you say that is true of you?

Have you ever tried to find your worth in your job, what others say, who your friends are, how you feel or what you have?

When we look for our value in outward things, people’s opinions, a job, success or feelings — which all constantly change — our sense of value will also constantly change.

What’s True About You

The truth is that God calls you worthy no matter what’s going on around you or how you are feeling. He created you. He loves you. He promises to never leave you.

When you start a relationship with God through Jesus, your identity is forever changed. You are His and He is yours. You don’t have to work or strive to find your security apart from Him. God promises He will work everything out for His glory and your good.

We don’t always know, or remember, what is true about us.

If you’re interested in learning more about who you are and what God says is true of you because of Jesus:


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