Who Are You Really?

You Are Known

Based on your answers, you highly value being known, which can play a big part in where you find your identity.

You value close, real relationships, sharing life, and knowing and being known by others.

We need you and people like you in the world who value relationship and authenticity!

Would you say this describes you?

Often people try to figure out who they are based on what others say about them, on their relationships, or on whether they feel understood.

Those who find their identity in being known feel secure or confident when their relationships are going well and when they can be real with others.

Where do you most often find your purpose?

Knowing who you are and why you are here changes the way you live and how you impact the world.

What happens to your purpose and security when relationships end or when there is conflict?

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Interested in Learning More?

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. That journey greatly influences how we process and respond to big questions about life.

We believe God made you, knows EVERYTHING about you, loves you and calls you valuable. His love for you is big enough to cover any mistake you could ever make.

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