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Why We Journey Alongside Others

Many have likened the process it takes for someone to consider, receive and follow Christ as a journey.  

For some, this journey can proceed quickly, even during the time they hear the gospel.  For others, this journey can take a long time, months or even years.  

In either case, we still initiate, share the gospel and leave the results to God.  And in either case, we have to respect where the person we’re sharing with is in their process.  

In the book I Once Was Lost the authors talk about five thresholds a non-believer must cross before trusting Christ.

  1. Trusting a Christian. Moving from distrust to trust.
  2. Becoming curious. Moving from complacent to curious.
  3. Opening Up to Change. Moving from being closed to change to openness.
  4. Seeking After God. Moving from meandering to seeking.
  5. And Entering the Kingdom. Actually crossing into the Kingdom itself.

Each threshold has specific faith issues the non-believer must have satisfied. There are ways for us as believers to come alongside them in their journey, whether it be:

  • Showing curiosity about their life and background by asking questions.
  • Vulnerably sharing about areas of brokenness that Christ has or is working on in your life.
  • Validating and answering questions they have.
  • Being a patient friend even if they don’t respond right away.

In our friendships, it’s helpful to relieve the pressure of the moment and to demonstrate patience by using the word “sometime”.  You could ask or say:

  • “Sometime could I share with you the difference Jesus Christ has made in my life?”
  • “I would enjoy hearing more about your spiritual journey sometime.”



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