Take the next best step with those you care about and see what God will do.

MissionHub makes it easy to organize and build relationships all in one place. And it's free. Forever.

Why MissionHub?

As you approach different people in your life, it can be hard to know how they view or feel about God. It can be even harder to trust God with your next conversation with them. MissionHub is a simple tool to help you take the next step with those you care about.

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Take the next best step with those you care about.

Get organized.

MissionHub supports everything you need to be intentional to help others spiritually. Keep contacts, notes, goals and responses all in one place. But MissionHub is more than tasks, it is about the people in your life.

Build meaningful relationships.

MissionHub gives you practical steps to develop meaningful relationships with people in your life. No matter how someone views or feels about God, create space to see what’s possible.

Watch a story unfold.

Make a quick note and securely record any detail you don’t want to forget. Stay connected to what matters for each person and each story, with all your notes in one place. Over time, you will see a rich history unfold with those you care about.

See what God is doing.

MissionHub shows you all the steps you have taken, and it’s probably more than you think! You will also get to celebrate what God is doing through people like yourself all around the world.

Get MissionHub!

Take the next best step with those you care about.

Our unfolding story…

We were in central Montreal on a cold February day looking out on the beautiful St. James church. A group of people from across the city had gathered in a small office to share with our research team how they were taking meaningful steps spiritually with the people of Quebec.

“How do you know which practical steps to take with people?”, we asked Karina.

She reached down to grab her backpack and pulled out a book called I Once Was Lost.

“I just read the chapter that relates to my friend, and do what it suggests.”

Our team of designers, developers and strategists traveled over 14,000 miles in six weeks. We met with followers of Jesus from around the world: New York, USA; Budapest, Hungary; Rennes, France; and of course, Toronto and Montreal, Canada. In each of those places we heard a similar question, “Is there a guide or tips for reaching out?”

We set out to create a simple, enjoyable app which helps you take the next best step with those you care about. God has impacted each of our lives, and we want others to experience this too. But where to start?

One of the first things you’ll notice in MissionHub is we ask you to place someone you care about on a spiritual path. These pathways are influenced by the various ways churches, ministries, and communities talk about spiritual journeys. We’ve also pulled practical steps from resources created by Cru to help you develop meaningful relationships with people in your life.

We started this whole process by taking a few steps of faith to listen. Over time, we’ve seen God do something we’re excited about. We pray MissionHub will serve you. We can’t wait to see what God will do through you!

MissionHub for Ministries

MissionHub was created by Cru to help non-profit ministries stay connected with all of the leaders, members and outreach within their movement.


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